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K524 24 fret - K524 White Alder White - Bartolini Brights- MC3 preamp

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Part Number:k524White-MC3-2

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 K524 Premium Alder-34"scale-
This is a presale and will take about 3-4 weeks finish

Bartolini Brights
Bassmods MC3 Preamp
1.Vol 2.Blend 3.Mid 4.Treble/Bass 3 position Mid Control.

 Alder with tone chambers 

Maple neck and fretboard -Carbon Fiber neck supports
Our necks come with fret Jobs allowing for lower action 

 Hipshot lic Utralite tuners 

High quality heavy mass bridge 19mm spacing

 Basses get complete setup the day we ship your bass. 
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1 Year Warranty