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Fred Hammond Signature Orange Burst Spalt -Alder - Maple -Bartolini B axix Anima Pickups- Red Box Box Preamp

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Part Number:Orange Spalt 1 Hammond 2-7

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  -Fred Hammond Signature

This Bass is loaded with some of the best electronics you can get.
Bartolini B axis
Anima Red Box Preamp
1.Vol/Act Pass 2.Blend 3.Mid/Pull Freq Selact

1.Alder body - Birdseye maple fretboard

 Hipshot lic Utralite tuners 

 heavy mass bridge 19mm spacing

 Basses get complete setup the day we ship your bass. 
Our basses include dressed frets, nut, truss rods and bridge saddles optimized for low action.

14 day Return Policy Minus Shipping

1 Year Warranty

Handling is 3-5 days.

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