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Chrome Bassmods 33-FB Preamp- Full featured 3 band -Active Passive- Fits with battery iin most basses without mods

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Part Number:33-FB CH
Bass Mods 33-FB

It an age old problem to have a passive J style bass that you want to make active but it doesn't have a battery box.

Bassmods now has a full featured pre that solves this problem.

This pre was designed from the ground up to fit battery in the control cavity without mods on most basses.
It may be tight but you should be able to fit most basses.

We shrunk the wires, raised the knobs to allow battery room and strategically picked pots that would allow more space to fit the battery. 
We also added an easy connect adapter to the pre so you don't need to know how to solder to install, you just need a mini screw driver.

Layout and Features
1. Vol/Vol
2. Mid -Cut and Bosst

3.Treble/Bass - Cut and Boost

5. Active Passive Switch

Gain Control on the back of the preamp box

Bass Mods preamps are now being used by many players in the industry.

Maurice Fitzgerald- Gospel great

Ethan Farmer- Lionel Ritchie- Ethan Farmer group.

William Birkhead- Jennifer Lopez

Freddie "Boom Boom" Flewellen - Bass player for Paul Jackson JR

Nathaniel Kearney-Dave Koz