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Aguilar OBP-3 Custom Plate- Chrome Black and Gold- Solderless Setup- 3 Band with 3 position pickup selector.

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Custom Aguilar OBP-3

We made this for the player who wants a 3 Band pre that they can retro fit in their passive bass.
We used to make this as a Vol-Vol setup and many players asked for blend version(not enough room on the plate due to the input being on the plate), this was not possible in a 3 band setup.
This preamp was our answer to not being able to have a blend and a 3 band.
Most players use the blend on a preamp setup in the center, panned back for solos and and panned forward for P style sounds.
Most of the time the blend functions does not have much of a blend on blend setups, in our experience
To get the most tone functionality out of this setup we did away with the blend knob and added a 3 way switch for the pickups
In the center it's both pickups and the other 2 positions are solo neck and bridge.
We have also made this an easy connect setup. This requires no soldering, it just requires a mirco (eyeglass) screw driver to connect.

1.Vol/passive pull 2.Mid 3.Treb/Bass 
Switch #1 3Way pickup selector
Switch #2 Mid Freq Select 400HZ 800HZ

This preamp will fit most basses with the battery

                                                                                              This are built on Demand. The build time is 5-10 business days.

The OBP-3 is Aguilar’s most flexible onboard preamp design, providing +/-18dB of cut and boost at 40Hz, +/- 16dB of cut and boost at either 400Hz or 800Hz and +/- 16dB of treble cut and boost at 6.5 kHz. The OBP-3 has multiple wiring options, and can be wired with either a push/pull pot OR mini-toggle for midrange frequency selection.

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