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6 Strangs

6 Strangs

It all started from the “Muk” (Southeastern Florida) the summer of June 1983. Mary Bryant, and Tom Bryant gave birth to her oldest son TJ aka “6 Strangs.” Both of his parents were heavily rooted and grounded in quartet (Traditional Music). 6 Strangs started off playing guitar at the age of 7. He later developed the gift of playing drums. At the age of 11 he was playing the drums for his grandfathers group “The Mighty Mighty Gospel Singers.” 6 Strangs father Tom possessed many talents and at the time was playing guitar and bass for the group. His father also had a vision of continuing his family’s music legacy of the Bryant Family.

The Bryant Family at the time consisted of 6 Strangs Father, Mother, and Uncle (Daniel) on bass. 6 Strangs continued on drums. His Uncle Daniel later pursued other avenues of music, and decided to stop playing bass. 6 Strangs almost simultaneously started playing bass. Without any schooling of music 6 Strangs learned how to play by ear.

At the age of 17 6 Strangs' mother bought his first 6 string bass from his Uncle (Daniel). The name of 6 Strangs came from his dad while making business cards for their production company. 6 Strangs didn’t take it as serious until people started calling him 6 Strangs.

6 Strangs later began to share the stage with local artists, and was able to grace the professional stage in 2008 by participating in the Dorinda Clarke-Cole Singers and Musicians Conference, 2010 Rance Allen, shared the stage in Augusta, Ga 2018 with Lil Jay & The Spiritual Boys at the James Brown Auditorium, recorded tracks for national gospel groups such as Darrell McFadden and the Disciples, Lil Jay & The Spiritual Boys, to name a few. Instrumentals with artists such as T-Aaron Music, Temarkus Walker, Drei Hurd, and a lot of more collaborations to his accredit.

6 Strangs believes that you should always keep God first in all that you do. Chase your dreams, keep your heart pure even behind closed doors and God will give you the desires of your heart.