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SOLDERLESS! Bassmods Deluxe Mini Pre - J style Plate Model: 34AP CR Plate

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Part Number:34Ap-2020
Bass Mods 34-APPB J style Plate

2019 Solderless version is here!

All that you need to connect the preamp is a mini screw driver.
The input jack and battery wire are hooked up to an easy connect so they can be disconnected if you need fish wires if needed. If you already have a battery set up in your bass it is easy to just hook right in, without solder. Ships with 9 volt clip but by adding another clip this pre can work 18v no problem. We also have added an option to add the clip if you want to receive 18v.


1.Vol/active passive



4. Treble/Bass

 There is a Gain Control on the back of the preamp box which can be adjusted with a mini screw driver.

Bass Mods preamps are now being used by many players in the industry.
Andre Berry-David Sanborn

Ethan Farmer- Lionel Ritchie- Ethan Farmer group.

William Birkhead- Jennifer Lopez

Freddie "Boom Boom" Flewellen

Nathaniel Kearney-Dave Koz