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MOD 5 Metallic Orange Alder- Rosewood - Choose your electronics and we will build it . BUILT TO ORDER SOAP BAR SETUP WITH COIL TAPS

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Part Number:Mod-5-2-2-15 Orange2-2-2

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Metallic Orange

This is a built to order bass and take 6-7 weeks weeks to complete.

All pickups that are offered will  come with coil taps.

All preamps offered are 3 Band with 2 Frequencies to choose from.


1.      Alder body  

2.        Maple fretboard with  NEW!! Stainless Steel Frets -Slim D neck profile-  Carbon Fiber Neck supports- Dual action Truss Rods

3. Our experienced techs do full fret dresses on each bass and full setups.

Almost all basses need fretjobs to play with low action and most basses in this price range don't include.

 Light weight Clover style tuners- 

Our basses come with a 14 day return period( refund Minus all shipping)

1 Year limited warranty.