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VERY UPGRADED! K524 24 fret -Cherry Burst Bartolini Quad coils + COIL TAPS -Knoll 4 band Preamp with Bartlini Dual gain Buffer

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 K524  Alder-34"scale-24 Fret

This bass is loaded with Bartolini Quad coils and has  3 position coil taps for each pickup.

NOLL 4 Band Preamp
1.Vol/Active passive 2.Blend 3.Treble Bass -4 Hi mid Lw Mid
With a Bartolini Dual Buffer

1 Swamp Ash Body-Maple Fretboard with Carbon Fiber reinforcements 

Light weight tuners

High quality heavy mass bridge 19mm spacing

 Basses get complete setup the day we ship your bass. 
  •                                                                                                                                                           14 day Return Policy Minus Shipping
1 Year Warranty

Average build time 2-3 weeks- we will send you a tracking number when done.