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Ethan Farmer Signature- EF5- Matte Black - - Bassmods Pre -Bartolini Pickups- One off with Shaller tuners.

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Ethan Farmer Signature Bass

Alder Body -Maple Fretboard with 2 carbon fiber reinforcement  rods

This one has upgraded German made Shaller tuners- We only made one like this.

The EF5 has Bartolini  Deep Tone pickups

 18v Bassmods preamp 

Bassmods 3 band preamp 1Vol/pull active Passive 2.Blend  3.Mid  4.Treble/Bass 

Matte Black- Please note: Matte black finishes can sometimes show small marks in the  finish, we of course are talking about very minor things.
Some times if matte finishes get rubbed in shipping they could show a little sheen, again very very small things.
This is just the way it is with matte black, it is the cost of looking cool.
Understand this when making purchase.

14 day Return Policy
1 Year Warranty 
 Due to high Volume order completion about 3-4 weeks