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Bassmods MC3 Preamp - 3 Band 5 knobs with 3 position Mid Freq Select 35AP 9 or 18 Volt

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Part Number:MC3 5 Knob

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Choose between 9 or 18 volts
Solder or Non Solder Version
Optional Knob Set for the preamp
Bassmods MC-3 preamp  35AP
3 Band 5 Knobs


1.Vol/Active Passive
3.Mid  - cut/boost  -choose the Freq with the switch
4. Treb cut/boost
5.Bass cut/boost

3 Position Mid Control
Gain Control on the back of the preamp box

This preamp is made for basses with battery compartments.
Choose between 9v or 18v, in the drop down menus.
We also offer in a solderless version. add s few days for build time