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After Market Customized Sadowsky Metro Express - ICE Blue EMG 3 band with parametric Mids- EMG J5 Pickups Custom Custom Pickguard

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Part Number:Sadowsky mtroEX-2

Sadowsky Metro Express.

This was a brand new Metro Express that we had a little fun with, we can't help  it.

Review of the last one we made

Excellent mods! Great packaging and communication. A++ Seller. Highly recommend!

We gave it  retro vibe but with a modern sound.

We do many upgrades like this for our customers and here is your chance to get one without the wait and for a nice discount, Prices below are what you would normally pay.



1. we Gave it a fretjob $175.00 and setup

2.Custom electronic install 150.00

We added  EMG J5 Pickups.$189

EMG 3band with a 3 way pickup switch. 210.00

Custom pickguard 100.00

1.Vol 2.Vol 3.Mid cut boost/Freq 4.Treble/Bass

5.3 way Pickup Switch  6.Tone

This setup allows for all the in-between tones of a vol vol setup but also includes

 a 3 way pickup selector for ease of use.

This combo is powerful and quiet.

This is a great deal for all the upgrades 

We also gave this bass a setup and upgraded the strings to SIT Foundations - stainless steel

Please note this was a new bass that we modded , it does not come with factory warranty because it is no longer factory, just as if you took to a shop and had this done.

Includes the New Gig Bag that is included with Metro Express.

Return policy: We have a 2 day trial on our after market custom projects. Buyer is responsible for all shipping.

 We play test and play to make sure they play good and function right on the day of shipment.