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BassMods Guitar and Bass Hot Rod shop

BassMods Guitar and Bass Hot Rod shop

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BassMods Guitar and Bass Hot Rod shop

We specialize in guitar and bass electronics upgrades and Instrument setups.

We carry many brands of pickups and preamps and can help you find the tone you're looking for.

Bartolini, Seymour Duncan, Nordstrand, Aguilar, Lindy Fralin , John East.

 Our shop is the only shop in Sacramento that offers Plek services and our technicians have over 500

Plek Jobs under their belts.  The Plek machine can make your guitar play great! Learn more feel free to give us a call.

 We are by appointment only shop.

To get a quote or set up an appointment feel free to call . 916-600-6727 .

Hours of operation are Tuesday through Friday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Why  PLEK Your Guitar ?

1. Better Feel
2. Improved Intonation

3. Enables Lower Action
4. Less Buzzing Notes
5. Eliminates Dead Spots

6. Customizable to Your Style
7. Accurate and Consistent
8. Corrects for Inconsistent Fretboards
9. Extends Fret Life

Plek Setup Includes:

fret job, string action adjustment at bridge and nut, intonation and fret polish.

Because there are so many different player preferences, strings are not included in the price. Strings are provided by customer.

We are located in the Sacramento area and instrument work is by appointment.
If it is more convenient, you can ship your instrument to us to be Plek'd.
If you would like to schedule an appointment or have any questions give us a call or email us.   Phone: 916-600-6727  Email:

It's a situation any guitarist can relate to...

the instrument is well-balanced, looks great and sounds excellent, but somehow it's hard to play. But it's a problem that can be solved.

Next to the tone, the playability is one of the most important characteristics that determines the quality of a musical instrument. The plek process guarantees the best possible string action for each instrument, matching the individual style of the musician. A guitar with optimised playability just sounds better: the strings do not strike the frets during playing and any intonation problems that may occur due to too low a string action are eliminated.

The plek scan

Let's take a look at the guitar neck. It is important that the guitar is under string tension and in playing condition when measured. The computer ascertains a 3-D like graph of the fretboard surface, including the position and height of the strings. Thanks to the plek scan the relief of the neck created by the string tension is taken into account while calculating the process parameters.

The virtual Fretboard

In the Virtual Fret Dress menu the operator can not only determine how much needs to be cut off from each fret but can also set the fretboard radius and amount of fall-off suited for the instrument or player. You can see the height of each fret, how high each fret will be after processing as well as where fretboard buzz occurs because of frets being too high or too low. The first step would be to adjust the neck relief with help of the truss rod.


When all the parameters for processing are set, the plek operator takes off the strings and starts the processing procedure. Depending on what parameters were entered, the frets will be sanded.


When frets,  have been processed, the instrument is strung up and tuned. The final scan checks to see if the result corresponds with the set specifications.

Used by Gibson, Martin, John Suhr, Lakland, G&L, Heritage guitars, Dan Erlewine (Stewart MacDonald), and a slue of others, this CNC fret dressing system takes fret accuracy to the next level.

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